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Cheaper chicken costs local jobs

Cheaper chicken.. costs local jobs, but how you feel about it seems to depend on where in the food chain you are, writes Lloyd Gedye.  South Africans eat more than one billion chickens a year, which means that, on average, each one eats 35.8kg of chicken products, roughly equal to 27.5 chickens, or more than two chickens a month. It …

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Chicken prices to soar

Chicken prices to soar Chicken prices are expected to increase by 10 percent in the festive season. Poultry prices are expected to soar by at least 10 percent this festive season due to increased demand. Increases of 20 percent are expected in the new year as stocks of maize, a major input into poultry feed, become depleted. Only imports of …

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Empathetic nature of domestic hens

UK study examines empathetic nature of domestic hens A study by the University of Bristol’s School of Veterinary Sciences is the first to demonstrate that birds possess one of the important attributes that underpins empathy, and is the first study to use both behavioural and physiological methods to measure these traits in birds. Using a well-controlled experimental procedure and making …

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Just what is free range?

There is no legislation as to exactly how to grow free-range chicken! The best I could find from SA Poultry is the following guideline, which is pretty vague but better than nothing! An extract about Free Range as taken from the Southern African Poultry Association CODE OF PRACTICE 2000. MINIMUM STANDARDS FOR FREE RANGE PRODUCTION International research has identified five …

Why buy Free range chicken?

fine morning it is, the mist is swirling in the valley and the cockerels are having a crowing competition. I checked my email this morning and one of our free range customers sent us some “News” titled Frozen Chicken Horror – I’ve included a link below to the whole article which is causing a furore in the industry.

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Frozen chicken horror

2010-12-19 20:31 Bloemfontein – South Africans have been buying and eating tons of old, repackaged frozen chickens for years.After a frozen chicken has passed its expiry date it is washed, injected, rebranded and sold again in leading supermarkets.Reprocessed frozen chickens produced by Supreme Poultry, the third-biggest supplier of the birds in South Africa, are also given new expiry dates.Country Bird …