Please note: Red Barn do NOT sell LIVE chicken, laying hens, day old chickens, Fertilized Eggs or chicken feed. We also do not export!

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    Free range chicken

    George, in the Western Cape, South Africa is where we are based!

    You are welcome to visit our farm near the George Airport.  Details and directions are on our price list.  Our farm shop is open 8-5 on weekdays and 9-2pm on Saturday!

    If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us on this form or call Red Barn Farm on 044 876 0014. (office hours only please!)

    We will try and answer all your queries and will be happy to show you how we grow our chickens, but please call and make an appointment as this is a working farm.

    Please, although we LOVE dogs, we have VERY big dogs that we need to put away!  If you come with a dog, just stop and call us before you turn into our driveway to avoid any CHAOS!

    Remember we deliver our products directly to your home or business.  Just let us know if you need a delivery. Currently we only deliver along the Garden Route from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town.

    Other deliveries may be arranged, but you will have to contact us to arrange something.

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