Baby hens

Indian baby chickens

“perhaps we’ve been ripped off?”

Hello to you all…

I was busy in the shop when a bakkie pulled up and I could hear the loud chirping of baby chickens all the way up the driveway.

An Indian fellow jumped out looking absolutely SHATTERED! In a panic he explained he had driven all the way from CT to PE during the night to deliver day old chicks. When he got there the guy in PE cancelled the order. He told me that the baby chickens would not make it back to Cape Town and PLEASE would I take them, for a cheep, cheep price of course.

I need new laying hens desperately, but we also need two new houses for them,(which we were planning) but I knew that I MUST DO SOMETHING and save them.

Rest of the day/week/month has been complete chaos trying to organize space, lights, buckets, heat, water, food, and new houses. We were totally unprepared for an influx of 700 chicks. It was freezing cold, the chicks were weak and stressed. I stayed up with them most of the night even bringing my own gas heater to try and get them warm. All except 3 from 700 made it.

Next morning.. I remembered.. I didn’t ask him if they were sexed hens!!!!!!! DUH!

OMGoodness.. they could be mixed sex or maybe I was REALLY HOODWINKED and they are all discarded male chicks…. no way to tell now, we will just have to wait and see and work with what we have!

Toelie, our foreman says to me, “they are all hens mam, because they all look the same” … couldn’t work that logic out???

That’s why Anthea has been delivering to Plett. Filip is building two new houses frantically trying to keep to a deadline.

fingers crossed

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Cheers for now, Lindy and Filip

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Chicken sexer

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