Gum boot danceing South Africa

The Wellington boot

Wellies “a farmer’s best friend”

Hello to you all ..

The Wellington boot is a type of boot based upon leather Hessian boots.

They were worn and popularised by Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington. This “Wellington” boot became a staple of hunting and outdoor wear for the British aristocracy in the early 19th century.

Wellington boots are also known as rubber boots, wellies, wellingtons, topboots, billy-boots, gumboots, gumbies, gummies, rainboots, gavin’s, Alaskan Sneakers, kboots.

After the recent downpours, I’m now fed up with my “chinese cheapies” that leak and don’t protect my feet from the cold.  I’m on the hunt for the finest wellies in the world, preferably decorated with chickens !*it’s a girl thing*

Gum bootsHere  in South Africa, we call them GUMBOOTS and they make you wanna DANCE right?

chicken boots

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