Our pet turkeys

Turkeys arrived – please NOTE we do NOT sell Turkey!

poggi&polini –
“its all in the name”

Hello to you all ..
This week our friend, Scott, gave us two gorgeous TURKEYS. We quickly made them a “lean to” house.

When they arrived I was shocked at how huge the male is (and how weird!)

The “gobble gobble” noise is just hilarious, but they do warn us of everyone and everything!

I didn’t think of naming them as I was just too busy, but over a relaxing Sunday lunch with friends, Filip and James got chatting about motor bikes.

Us girls were thinking they were speaking “Turkish”. They kept mentioning poggipolini, poggipolini, and we burst out laughing saying they sounded like the turkeys! They really did!

poggipolini, poggipolini, poggipolini…

So we named the male turkey POGGI and the female POLINI.

Who the hell is Poggipolini..? Ha! I found out, its a very old (1950) Italian company that became really famous for making parts to “soup-up” any engine into something you can really brag about. Research ended. It was all gobbledy gook to me.. But at least our turkeys are named.

In farmers lingo, that means they never “get the chop” they are our friends forever.

I need to learn more about these amazing creatures…

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Cheers for now, Lindy and Filip
Free range turkey

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