Red Barn Postcard


“whatever happened to a postcard?”

Hello to you all ..

I recently received a handwritten letter in the post. What a treat!

We are currently all so reliant on text messages, emails, Facebook, Twitter and all the different social media, that I almost forgot what it’s like to hold a piece of paper in your hand and know that someone was really thinking of you when they sat down to write! So special.

In the “Old DAYS” a postcard was like an sms. Now a letter is an email, a photo album is now Pinterest and a good old chat with a friend over coffee is a Facebook update.

I’m not complaining, because being so connected has many advantages but sometimes it can become a bit overwhelming keeping up.

Anyway, our Facebook page has seen a huge increase in “LIKES” and we are proud to have built up such an audience! So we would appreciate it if you would like our Facebook page or write a comment or review about our products on our wall.

Social media is something you just have to use these days to promote your business.

Otherwise send us a postcard 🙂 and tell us how we are doing in your eyes?

This week’s special offers include some really great deals for the end of the month!

  • BRAAI Pack 12pce R90.00
  • BREAST fillets SMOKED 250g R38.00
  • CHICKEN BUTTER Schmaltz  500g* R25.00
  • DRUMSTICKS 800g R49.00
  • Chicken Feet (Walkies) – 500g R10.00
  • Chicken FLATTIES (Butterflie?d) about 1.3kg R82.00
  • Chicken GIZZARDS (Maagies) 500g R18.00
  • Chicken HEARTS 500g R17.00
  • Chicken LEG QUARTERS 650g R43.00
  • Chicken MINI BREAST FILLETS 400g R39.00
  • Chicken NECKS 500g R19.00
  • Chicken THIGHS R51.00
  • Chicken WINGS PLAIN R44.50
  • Fat and Skin pure chicken 1kg R16.00
  • PET MINCE – Minced Free range chicken *Special* R15.00

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Cheers for now, Lindy and Filip