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Everything eats chicken

Hello to you all ..

The badgers are back, yes two of them!

They have been causing havoc in our laying hens houses and we are at our wits end.  It’s no fun picking up your precious hens every morning with their heads bitten in. It’s heartbreaking…

It’s not like the “ratels” are eating the hens, they want the eggs.  So at night they get into the house and pull the hens off their nests and eat the eggs, killing up to 20 hens per night, just for FUN

Red Barn has always tried to find innovative ways to deter predators, but the honey badger is proving really difficult.  Our guard donkeys are with the broilers on the other side of the farm and I really think a honey badger could harm them.

So… I looked for help online… and found these automatic, SOLAR, predator control lights in the USA.  They are supposed to mimic eyes of a larger predator and they work on American Badgers… so here’s hoping! Maybe Filip and I (and the dogs and hens) will get a peaceful nights sleep!

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Recommended LOCAL FOODS to try if you haven’t yet ….

  • Badger resistant EGGS 🙂
  • Chicken and Cheese Russians
  • Smoked breast fillets
  • Clotted Cream – decadent!
  • De-boned thighs
  • 12 pce chicken braai/bake packs
  • Breasts with bone in and skin on
  • Chicken Biltong! YUM
  • Triple Orange cleaning GEL
  • T-bone steaks
  • Farm butter
  • Local honey

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Cheers for now, Lindy and Filip