Hens are moulting

There is a flurry of feathers in the field

Hello to you all ..

Shorter days and cooler temperatures. To chickens, it’s a sign that it is time to renew their feathers. Losing feathers and re-growing them is called moulting and occurs every year when the days get shorter.

During molt, chickens typically stop laying eggs and use this time to build up their nutrient reserves. Not easy for us…!

Fortunately we are bringing in a batch of young pullets (hen’s under one year old and due to lay) This should help us keep our egg supply constant although pullets lay small eggs initially!

It’s always interesting to introduce newcomers to an established flock.  I think there will be a few other feathers flying in the coop in the next few days as they regain their pecking order.

This week we have a super special on our Pet’s mince.. if you haven’t tried it yet, you will be surprised at how economical it is and easy to use. Plus the pets love it!!

The clotted cream sold out last week and we had very good reports back about this yummy treat.

We also have specials on

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hens molting

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Cheers for now, Lindy and Filip

**Don’t forget your EGGS!!**