“a day of recreation when no work is done, I wish… :-)”

Hello to you all ..

This week is a very short and busy one for us at Red Barn, with both Monday and Friday being holidays, it’s going to be difficult to fit everything in! PLUS Anthea is at Afrika Burn .. so bear with us!

We will be delivering as normal on Friday 1st May ( Workers Day) but let us know if you need us to drop your goods off at a different place than usual.

This week we are going to introduce you to two great new products to try.

  • Cornish Clotted Cream and
  • CHICKEN biltong

The Clotted Cream is absolutely delicious.  It’s not something we are all familiar with, but OH my, it’s really good!  Made here in George, by Jason a real Cornishman, using our local free range cows cream.  Just fantastic!!

The Chicken biltong is made from the mini breast fillets.  It’s lean and healthy protein. The spices are all natural too!

You can learn more about these delightful healthy treats on our site under NEW Products

This weeks creamy cow specials

  • BEEF Boerewors – R 42.00
  • BEEF Burger Patties – R 34.00
  • BEEF GOULASH –  R 36.50
  • BEEF Mince –  R 31.50
  • Butter –   R 37.00
  • Feta Cheese Tubs (760g) – R 37.00

Plus a huge special on

PET MINCE – Minced Free range chicken *Special* only R15.00!!

Buy 30 or more pet mince.. get them for only R14.50 each

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Cheers for now, Lindy and Filip