Red Barn Ream work


I am blessed to be my own boss. However, sometimes this can mean that you have to WORK even harder, without holidays!

It also means that I don’t have to answer to anyone but myself. “MYSELF” is a hard task master….To Anthea, Filip, the farm and butchery staff, thank you for your dedication.

Team Work makes the DREAM WORK.

Our team have made some great new sausages, schnitzels, and burgers for you.Our whole chickens (1.7kg) are looking particularly good and we did a few more petite poussins and small chickens (1kg) due to demand.This week will be a bit low on soup packs, gizzards and necks as we are making a new batch of PET MINCE.

We hope you try something new this week?

Chicken Sausage FREE Range – MILD Sweet Chilli 500g* R42.00

CHICKEN BURGER patties 350g 2 burgers *SPECIAL* R24.50
Chicken SCHNITZEL – crumbed Chicken breasts 500g *special* R50.00
PORK – Wiltshire PORK Sausages 500g *special* R43.50
BEEF Biltong – grass fed, Sliced 100g* R22.00 NEW BATCH 
BEEF Droe WORS – grass fed, free range, 100g* R20 NEW BATCH
Chicken whole – Small YOUNG chickens 1kg R56.00 NEW BATCH
Petit Poussin or SPRING CHICKEN each *SPECIAL* R53.00 NEW BATCH
Macadamia Nut Oil 500ml GLASS bottle *Special* R68.00
CHICKEN BUTTER Schmaltz – Free range 500g* R25.00
LARD – Free range rendered PORK fat 500g * R25.00

Team work makes the Dream work