Mad as a march hare

Mad as a March Hare

Hello to you all… Well here we are, in MARCH already! Things have been pretty MAD here at Red Barn.

My parents are settling in nicely, we are busy with building a new carport AND a new and improved chicken house AND installing a water purification system on our borehole.

Orders for our products have gone nuts as more and more people get to hare about us.

It’s a fun, crazy time and this Fowl lady is running around like a crazy March hare. There is just so much to do!
Where are those rescue drops…

Keep your sanity with our Specials on healthy fats and oils this week

Balsamic Vinegar 250ml R35
Macadamia Nut Oil 500ml GLASS bottle R68
De Rustica Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml glass *special* R36
CHICKEN BUTTER Schmaltz – Free range 500g* R25.00
LARD – Free range rendered PORK fat 500g * R25.00
Rooibos Tea – certified ORGANIC in TIN *Special* R52
Coconut oil – 1kg Organically grown *SPECIAL* One of the healthiest oils R78
Chicken HEALTH Sausage – CHICKEN & BACON 500g* R46.00 *Topseller
Chicken HEALTH Sausage – FETA & SAGE 500g* R46.00 *Topseller
Petit Poussin or SPRING CHICKEN each *SPECIAL* R53.00 (not many left!)
PORK – Bacon Bits *SUPER SPECIAL* Ideal for pizza and pasta dishes R29.00
Chicken whole –  EXTRA TENDER Small YOUNG chickens 1kg R52.00

mad as a march hare

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Cheers for now,

Lindy and Filip