Karma – you reap what you sow

Hello to you all…

In 2011, some of you may remember, we were betrayed by a “friend” who promised us the world, used us, then stole all our ideas and contacts.

We tried to stay calm as he ploughed MANY MILLIONS into a so called “free range” chicken farm, just down the road from us. This was bad enough but then he bought the abattoir where we (and many others) were harvesting our chickens! He put at least 10 local chicken farmers out of business by closing the abattoir. This was his plan to capture the local market…

Red Barn however, was more resilient, we made another plan and nervously continued with our farming, not knowing if we would be totally WIPED out.

Many of our loyal customers wrote to us and asked who he was.. we never said a thing as we believed it to be unprofessional.

Well, now we can. Kitwana Chicken has CLOSED down, in terrible circumstances.

Karma free range chicken

Retrospectively, thank you Mr X, you forced us to be innovative and self sufficient. You have also left us with ALL your customers. 🙂

Good Karma specials this week:

  • Thighs (bone in) – R49
  • Roasted chicken sausage – R40
  • Tutti frutti drums – Bestseller! R50
  • Mild Texan or Herb Schnitzels – R50
  • Mini Breast fillets – R39
  • Liver 500g – R21
free range karma


  • BOSS ORGANIC Rooibos Tea – it’s really the best tea I have ever had and the TIN is so pretty. You will be able to order refills of 40 bags for only R20!
  • De Rustica award winning cold pressed virgin OLIVE Oil – voted one of the TOP 5 in SA, this award winning Oil is available in a glass bottle 250ml or a Stunning black 500ml tin.  (look under new products)

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