Gluten free

Thanks for the feedback last week! The main suggestions from you were how we could go gluten free and not use polystyrene trays and to sell LAMB.

Red Barn, has 63 products online, of those, 46 are entirely gluten free.  We have made a separate category for Gluten Free so it is easier for you to shop.

Normally it’s just the PROCESSED foods that may contain a binder made from wheat. (breadcrumbs) BUT we have our Feta and Sage Chicken sausage, our Beef Boerewors and Beef burgers that have been specially made without Gluten.

Perhaps we will make another product, but the majority of our customers just want GOOD TASTING, humanely reared food.

The Polystyrene trays are not so easy.  I have searched far and wide and I can find nothing to replace them in SA.  If you know of something, please call me!

Grass fed, Karoo LAMB.. it’s in our “to do” list, but at the moment we just don’t have enough freezer space.

You can also now order your BACON as BACK bacon, SREAKY bacon or BITS!

Look for this YELLOW sign on our site and shop in the gluten free category.

Gluten free chicken

Gluten free specials this week:

  • Sage and Feta Chicken Sausage
  • Chicken Mince R43
  • Beef Burgers R34 (for 4!!!!)
  • Chicken butter (Schmaltz) R25 – 250g
  • Chicken livers R20.50 for 250g
  • Drumsticks R49.99
  • Thighs R49.99 (that’s the lowest ever)


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Cheers for now, Lindy and Filip