Chickens don’t like the heat

Gee but it’s been HOT! Here on the farm we are struggling to keep our chickens cool.  I hope the rain comes soon. The grass is all “crispy” and every single chicken is lying within the “shade line”. Full grown, full feathered chickens really take strain in the heat.

Chickens don’t sweat, so the only mechanism they have to cool themselves is by raising their wings and panting.  This weekend I had to actually DUNK some of them in cold water to reduce their body temperatures.

Ahh, sometimes I wish for a “PROPER” chicken houses that have automatic temperature regulators. But then again with this load shedding debacle, I will wait until we can find an integrated SOLAR solution.

It is SO important for Red Barn to convert to solar, but we just don’t have the funding at this stage.  Eventually a complete solar installation on the farm WILL pay for itself, but it’s a huge capital outlay initially and not really income producing.

Do any of you have plans to go “off the grid” using the power of our sun?

We’d love to hear what you have done or are doing!


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Cheers for now, Lindy and Filip


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