The state or quality of being resolute; firm determination

WeĀ have all made our promises to ourselves… now is the time for the determination šŸ™‚

Red Barn, which is under my care, has resolved and is determined to:

  • Raise our customer serviceĀ levels
  • Work out ways to beat inflation and keep our products reasonably priced
  • Make the first steps to getting rid of ESKOM completely ….
  • Become totally self reliant trying not to deal with big corporations like EPOL
  • Find WATER on our farm and use solar power to pump it
  • Make new liaisons with local farmers to bring you a full shopping basket of home grown healthy goods
  • Educate our staff to the next level (so that Filip and I can actually go away!)
  • Simplify absolutely everything

Let us know YOUR resolutions, we will be interested to hear. We hope one of them is to keep eating free range products!

chicken for sale

This week’s Special Sale offers are here:

Red Barn Special Sale Offers

  • Pet mince R15.50
  • Chicken Mince R41.50
  • Beef Mince R30.50
  • Chicken burgers
  • Beef burgers R34
  • Beef Boerewors R43
  • Chicken Sausage Roasted R43.00
  • Sosaties R52.50
  • Braai Packs R95.50 (12 pieces!)

Have a wonderful week – we hope you have time for a braai or two.