chicken growth


The busy season is slowly calming down as we get back to our “normal” routines.

Red Barn, is really proud to let you all know that we made it, RIGHT through the season, we didn’t run out of stock and we delivered our goods NO MATTER WHAT!

Sometimes we had to work really late and get up really early and both Filip and I are nursing a few sprains and strains but, we did it. We are really proud of our team.

We would like to ask you for some input.

Chcken growth

Is there anything you would like us to change or improve? We will review any and all requests and get back to you.

Last years TOP 10 SELLERS

  • Eggs Mixed size
  • Whole chickens
  • Breast fillets
  • Bacon
  • Mixed portions
  • Pet mince
  • Sundowner Wings
  • Thighs
  • Drumsticks
  • Thighs de-boned

*not including the beef which is doing really well! We have some great steaks in stock!

  • Mini breasts R39
  • Stir fry R39
  • Breast fillets R42 (hardly ever on special)

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