Be Happy chickens

Are you a “happy chicken”?

Hello to you all…Today is TUESDAY and that makes me happy!

I get to say “Hi” to all our customers and to thank you again for supporting your local chicken farmers.

Filip’s been smoking up a storm.. *wink* and made us some really yummy smoked chicken breasts. Fully cooked you can eat them straight away.

I’ve been working hard cleaning up the farm and making our chickens as happy and comfortable as we possibly can. This included trying to scare off some Jackal Buzzards with a loud shot gun. It didn’t work and I got a really black bruise on my shoulder!However the BONUS was being out there in nature, that REALLY made me smile, we are truly blessed to live in such a beautiful place.

Good News: Everyone who orders this week will get a FREE GIFT of our CHICKEN butter (schmaltz) to try. You can use it to fry your eggs and bacon, fry your chops, chicken and wors, brown your onions when cooking and roast your meats. The taste is SOOOO much better than oil and at least you KNOW there is nothing funny in it – just pure rendered chicken fat from free range fowls. BONUS .. its only R25 for half a kg.. now where can you buy ANY fat for that price?

Enjoy your SCHMALTZ samples!

Source: Red Barn Weekly News