It’s nearly Christmas

It’s been a great year for Red Barn’s Free Range Chicken business.  We have learnt so much and we are continuing to learn.

2011 will bring new challenges for Filip and I.  Including this blog and online store.  We want to share everything we have learned and also set up a site where you can buy anything to do with free-range chicken farming.  From Gifts to chicken house plans, chicken manuals, chickens of all shapes and sizes, from day old chicks to point of lay.

We are going to be REALLY busy 🙂

For now we just need to relax a little.  Our fridges are almost empty after the Christmas run.  As Filip says, “Lindy you panic when the fridges are full and you panic when they are empty!”  So just remember, free range chicken farming is not for the feint hearted.

You have to be pretty tough and very energetic to make your small chicken business successful. However it’s really worth it.  There is nothing better than a customer telling you that they will NEVER eat any other chicken, or that your chicken sausage is the best on the planet.  We also get calls and emails about the young chickens that we have sold.  We even know their names and when they laid their first eggs!

So be prepared to enjoy the journey, make new friends, work with animals everyday and burst with pride when you get it right.  Oh, for sure, you may shed some tears too!

From January I will be writing about some of our experiences, what to do in various situations and how to overcome the hurdles that you no doubt will be confronted with.

For now I still need to work out some interesting internet challenges like Facebook pages, RSS feeds, Twitter, subscriptions and of course find all the products for my shop.  (Please let me know if you can assist me with chicken related products.) Thank goodness I kept up my web design skills.

Happy last minute shopping!

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