Hello to you all…I’m going to get into trouble for this or am I? *laughing*
Risque, sounds a little like “risky” too, don’t you think?

Chicken farming is certainly extremely high risk and definitely not for the feint-hearted.

The last few weeks have been a battle for us, fending off predators. It seems like the saying, “everything eats chicken” is totally true.

We are really trying to live in harmony with nature, but seeing your hens, broilers and baby chicks, bitten in the head by an otter, ripped apart by Caracul, half eaten by an enormous Honey Badger and carried off into the sky by Jackal buzzards and Owls, has been … really sad and exhausting for both Filip and I. (and the dogs!)

We are actually at our wits end on what to do.  We really DON’T want to kill anything but our attempts at trapping, or scaring these creatures are failing, and we need to sleep.

Thinking outside the box 

  1. maybe I should set up a “DINING Table” down in the bush and feed them all on a daily basis?
  2. Raise money somehow to make proper game fences around my farm, probably R150,000..
  3. Call a hunter in, go on holiday, pretend the problem doesn’t exist..

I like number 2. What do you think? We would love to hear from you. Just reply to this mail, all advice and opinions would be really appreciated.

So this week’s specials are, *naughty grin*

Caracal Casserole,
Ratel Ratatouille,
Otter Moose,
Buzzard Barbeque sauce,
Owl Oysters and
Guinea Fowl Beer
Starling Schnitzel

 WILD / NAUGHTY specials this week include:

  • Sexy SAUSAGES all of them, together, for only R36 each, pork and chicken!
  • Mini Breast Fillets – R37 (5 or more R36)
  • “No Eno’s” pure Breast STIRFRY R36
  • Macadamia NUT oil – R55
  • Wings – Sexy, Plain and pretty – So versatile.. do what you want with them..! (only R39)

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Start placing your orders early now PLEASE, by Wednesday if possible. We are getting busier by the day and it is FIRST COME, First served.  We would hate to disappoint you.