Nebojsa Filip

Your driver said”, “your delivery man did..”, “that guy who we saw at the market”, “your mechanic brought the tractor in”, “I spoke to your farm manager..”, “we gave it to FILIP” …! OMGoodness, where is Filip?..

“the power is out”, “the chicken house fell over”, “the torch won’t work”, “the water is off”, There is a RATEL killing the chickens, Filip…., help … F..I..L..I..P……!

Who is this genius, Mr Fixit, Nebojsa Filip? Well, our friends, Filip, firstly, is MINE πŸ™‚ so girls, back off, he is taken. Nebojsa Filip’s real talent, (and where I met him) is as an architectural and mechanical engineer and 3D renderer. For those of you who don’t know what that is… Filip draws HYPER-REAL pictures on the computer.

So in his spare time, late at night, he “draws” how your house, kitchen, car, bike, development, engineering part or whatever you are dreaming of .. in photo real accuracy so you can see what it looks like before it exists. PURE genius and known internationally for his amazingly creative work as you can see >>>>> these are not photos they are DRAWINGS by FILIP on a computer…. >>>

So next time you meet the Red Barn “driver” remember, he is actually a genius! πŸ™‚

Seems like all geniuses wear takkies.. this is what we do with the old ones!

filips takkies