How Fresh Is My Egg?

fresh free range eggsHow fresh is my egg?

Hardly any other food in the EU is subject to such strict marketing guidelines as the egg. Eggs may only be offered to the consumer within the 21 days after they first saw the light of day. The “best before” date for fresh hen eggs is exactly 28 days after laying.

It’s an egg’s life…

Freshly laid eggs do not have a typical taste. The familiar attractive flavor only develops in the first three days after laying.

* Day 1: laying date

* Day 3: last packing date

* Day 9: Up to day nine, eggs can be marketed with a sleeve marked “Extra” or “Extra Fresh”.

* From day nine onwards, fresh eggs must be stored in a cool, dark and dry place.

* Cooling date: after day 18, eggs must be kept in a refrigerator.

* From day 22 onwards: three-week-old eggs must be used quickly. They are no longer allowed to be offered for sale to the consumer at this age.

* The “best before” date is passed on day 28.

Do brown eggs taste better?

Do brown hens lay brown eggs?

Completely wrong! The color of the feathers has no connection with the color of the eggs. The color of the eggshell is purely genetically determined.

Do brown eggs taste better?

This is another fallacy. The taste of an egg depends on the diet and the health of the hen that laid it. Under the same conditions there is no difference in the nutritional value and taste of brown or white eggs. Test them yourself: get someone to soft-boil a brown egg and a white one, and serve them to you without their shells. Can you taste any difference?

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