Boschveld Hens

Boschveld Indigenous hens

Where Red Barn’s laying hens come from

Boschveld Indigenous Free Range Eggs are laid in Bela-Bela (Warmbaths) in the Limpopo Province, South Africa and we supply a wide range of customers in Gauteng and beyond. Our free-range eggs are produced in unspoilt bushveld where our chickens are fed a 100% vegetarian diet with no added hormones or colorants.

The chickens are hand fed and the eggs are collected by hand daily from the laying nest boxes and then put on a mule cart and delivered to our pack station.

Our eggs are fully accredited with BRC (British Retail Consortium- the standard the European Retailers use such as Mark’s and Spencer’s) and Globalgap – a Global Farming Standard. This ensures the highest standards of animal welfare and production methods. Boschveld eggs have a full HACCP policy. All our customers appreciate our finest quality free range eggs that are farmed with a conscience and passion.

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  1. Marweeshe

    I have seen your poultry farm at your website and get an interest in selling eggs,so i need info pls help

  2. Keith Cooper

    I am in the throes of developing a chicken & egg producing ! I have many outhouses & plenty of good fertile land. I want to produce good quality free range eggs also 1 day old chicks & point of lay. My place is just outside Rustenburg where many chicken farms are situated, but mostly on larger scales & for the ‘slaughter’ market, which of course is not the way I want to go. Organically & free range breeding is my hearts desire…where & how to start is my main concern….perhaps you Guys would consider passing some info on to me….I am disabled but can still get around…I have ideas for feeders & waterers…but so many questions to ask. My place is 500mtrs. from the main N4 highway which serves Swartruggens, Zeerust, Botswana & of course Namibia….I believe this could be a huge advantage in developing the kind of market I envisage, a visit to your place can be arranged if necessary & you Guys would be willing to share with me some of your knowledge…..thanking you in advance !!!

  3. Arshford Amon

    My name is Arshford Amon i am from Harare Zimbabwe i have recently learnt about Boschveld. My interest is to have full knowledge about your laying chickens because myself i am into poultry business and i keep hyline laying chickens, so i would like to make some comparison maybe i may start to keep some from you.
    I will be glad to have information about your chickens, where i can get them locally, what are the basic for keeping chickens from you and any other information that maybe useful.
    Your response will be greatly appreciated.
    Yours faithfully
    Arshford Amon

  4. motlatsi mile

    i need to buy fertilized eggs for austrolops,ovambo, potch kokoek, and venda, i am ased in lesotho, i am prepared to come to your premises,please give me your physical address and phone contacts of your switchboard, my cell fone number is 0026662850532.

  5. dinnah

    i have been doing lot of reading.may you please do video of this BOSCHVELD chickens. please


    I need to buy fertilized eggs for Boschveld, Black or Blue austrolops, white laced wyndotte, I am Silence in Zimbabwe, I am prepared to come to your premises.

    I would be most grateful if you get in touch with me.

    thank you


  7. Author

    Hi and thanks for your inquiry. We are based in George, Western Cape. Fertilized eggs do not travel well. We only have limited supplies of eggs at the moment as our chickens are molting. You can try Boschveld in Limpopo

  8. Nicholas

    Iam an entrepreneur who is looking for hundred and twenty point of lay hens.I’m situated at Kwa litho Rapotokwane.just next to settlers.the business has to start on the first of June.

  9. Author

    Sorry we don’t sell point of lay hens! Good luck with your venture!

  10. Anonymous

    Your Comment I want to buy free range layer where can I buy them


    Hellow BOSCHVELD CHICKENS team….my name is THABO LEMOGANG from Mahalapye ,Botswana..i have recently learnt alot about interest is to have a fully knowledge about how to start such a business…….am willing to start my own business through finance assistance from our government initiative scheme known as YDF so can u plis help me with quotations of day old chickens….& incubators……1 more thing I wud lyk to know is..(don’t u ve AGENTS in BOTSWANA whom u can easily connect me to for more information ??????

    thnx alot n ve an enjoyable blessed day.

  12. Author

    Sorry we don’t sell laying hens or day olds or fertilized eggs!

  13. Author

    Sorry we don’t sell laying hens or day olds or fertilized eggs.

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